Picmiller is a photo processing service, where you can get professional photo editing for your real estate photos. Picmiller is not a software. All the processing and editing work is always made by photo editing professionals.


Take photos with
your camera


Receive professionally edited photos within 24h


Catch buyers attention with better photos

How much does Picmiller -service cost?

The service costs 30 €/bundle of 15 photos. VAT excluded.
You can also order more photos at the same time. Additional photos cost 2 €/photo. VAT excluded.

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How do we process your photos?

Photo editing is an essential part of the making of a marketing photo. It usually consumes up to 70% of the working time of professional photographer. In order to make a photo look good, realistic and attractive one must have an extensive experience in photo editing and a strong photo editing skills. Mastering these skills and different softwares will take years. The photos downloaded from your camera are just the raw material and should never be used as they are in marketing!

The following operations are done by default:

1. Horizontal straightening
2. Vertical straightening
3. White balance and color corrections
4. Brightness adjustment
5. HDR toning
6. Sharpening
7. Blue sky

What kind of photos should I send?

Always send your photos in largest possible format. Preferably in the maximum size and quality of your camera.

The bigger the original photo is the more material our editors have to work with. Please send your photos in jpg/jpeg format.

Remember that the better the original photo is the better is the end result.


Why should you use Picmiller?

Photos are an essential part of your companys market presence. Rather than spending hours trying to edit you photos you can let us do the work. You will be free to concentrate into your core business.

Attractive and professional photos will give good first impression to the potential buyers and for future customers.

Boost your sales

Stylish photos will make the listing more interesting and will increase the amounts of clicks.

Fast delivery

We guarantee 24h delivery every day of the year! Most times the delivery will be much faster.

Always available

You may send your photos to us whenever it suits you best. We are always here!

Easy to use

Picmiller is very easy to use.

High quality

In our editing crew we have only experienced photo editing professionals.

Economic benefits

Using Picmiller is a small investment that has huge impact on what your business looks like on the market and how interesting your listings will be for potential buyers.


Compare sample photos by dragging    the slider.

On the left inside the imagebox is the original photo and on the right is the same photo after Picmiller editing

Why did we create Picmiller?

We wanted to bring high quality professional photo editing service available for everyone.

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